Who are we

We are a small team of oceanlovers. Since beginning years ’80 watersports is making part of our daily life. Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddlesurfing, foilsurfing, ect. We have no limit of boards to glide on the water, or to surf the wave.

What do we offer

A personalized board made from A to Z in our workshop. The shapes are tested and aprouved by our riders of all leves. You can choose the colors, the finbox, the carbon/wood/cork… but we put the limits. We offer you a board made of love ;).

How do we work

Searching the best ingredients to make good boards is a big part of the game. Bio-resin (super sap from Entropy) is our epoxy. Hexcell is our fiberglass. And E_core the EPS foam. But the most important is the knowledge to make high-perfomance boards, using all the senses of our body… feeling… looking… smelling… hearing.

Guaranteed Works

The constructions and shapes we use to make your board are approved before. We constantly are testing out new shapes, looking for new materials to But there is always a small chance that something get wrong. Surfboards has a limited lifetime, so we try to give your board a long live, a live full of nice waves, and shared with surfer al around the planet.

Detailed Price

At Bilboa, the price of your board depends of the size, type… and how many ingredients and time we need to build it. In the price of your board, you will pay for a high quality product.

24 / 7 Support

Any time you want you can contact us during, and after your order for all kinds of questions about your board. We will be happy to help you. You are also welcome in our workshop.